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Published 6/29/2016 by Kaycee Sandoval

The building is meant to be seen at night. That’s when the full context of this project, which is really a model for a type of development, can be appreciated. For the moment, Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston (MATCH) is a beacon among blocks of darkened construction projects that border it on nearly every side. Still, the surrounding blocks are buzzing. Streets closed by reflective cones and food trucks, a beat broadcast down a block queued with cars and couples quickly crossing sidewalks. The steady flow of headlights, spilling across the pavement like the surf or swinging around corners. Within the MATCH’s breezeway — a glass-lined canyon cut through white metal panels and galvanized steel — the audiences of four simultaneous small shows spill out into the glow that emanates from the heart of the building, lighting up the block.

With its first show in October 2015, the Lake|Flato- and Studio RED-designed MATCH opened as one of Houston’s most unique performing and visual arts venues. Designed to support rotating troupes of performers and artists rather than a single anchor tenant, the building is designed for flexibility. It is split into two separate buildings by its generous covered breezeway that cuts across the block from Main Street to Travis. The north building includes four primary performance spaces (or “MATCH boxes”) of various sizes, the smallest with a max of 100 seats and the largest 329, along with dressing rooms and back-of-house support for each box allowing for concurrent use.

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