Bridgeland Josey Lake Park

Houston, Texas

Bridgeland is an 11,400-acre master planned community in Cypress, Texas that was inspired with a vision to create balance by connecting its residents to nature, education, culture, and recreation. this residential community space offers kayaking on a three-mile loop, a two-story birding tower with a skyway bridge, a boardwalk, a playground-style zip line, a pavilion, and event lawn to host concerts and other community events. The park’s location in the center of the neighborhood development has cemented its status as the hub of connectivity between homes, recreation, trails, stores, and schools

Since day one, the blueprint for developing Bridgeland was to provide access for outdoor enjoyment, while maintaining harmony and balance with nature. Meadow-like plantings line the lake’s edge. All were carefully chosen to enhance not only the look of the lake and surrounding area, but also to provide a natural habitat for the many species of waterfowl and other wildlife that visit the area.

Architect:  Overland Partners

Project Completion: 2017