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West End Church Wins Church Building Design Award

Published 9/26/2017 by Kaycee Sandoval

West End Baptist Church, now West End Church, has been a fixture in the Houston community for the past 109 years.

Located at 802 Shepherd, just over a block away from Washington Avenue, the church sits on prime real estate.

The original building was constructed in 1924 but over the years had fallen into disrepair while dwindling numbers of congregation members made the idea of extensive repairs unlikely. But, rather than selling, West End Baptist Church partnered with River Pointe Church to modernize the facilities and uphold the legacy built over generations. 

Studio Red upgraded the worship center and educational center while maintaining the integrity and charm of the buildings. Great care was taken to preserve design details from the original building.

One example of this is the brilliantly stained glass window. The window, originally only visible from the exterior, was exposed to the sanctuary inside and has become a point of pride within the congregation.

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