Diamond Head Theatre

Honolulu, Hawaii

Diamond Head Theatre, formerly known as the Fort Ruger Theater, has undergone significant renovations to become a modern and advanced performance facility. The theater now offers improved sound and lighting systems, larger dressing rooms, an expanded box office and concessions area, a new orchestra pit and fly loft, and an overall enhanced experience for its visitors.The 17,000 SF theater now accommodates 482 seats and features a spacious proscenium opening. Additionally, there is an expanded scene fabrication shop, and new restrooms.

The theater’s roof design is also noteworthy, as it not only provides shelter but also supports catwalks, ships ladders, and platforms. This design ensures the safety of staff and volunteers while accessing the grid, rigging, lighting, and audio-visual systems. These renovations have transformed the Diamond Head Theatre into a state-of-the-art facility, offering a superior experience for both performers and audience members.


Architect: Studio Red Architects

Project Completion: January 2023

Project Budget: $24,000,000