Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land

Sugar Land, Texas

This $84 million venue establishes a unique presence in the city with its elegance and sophistication. Within its 20,000 SF glass-enclosed lobby, designed for private events and fund-raisers, the full spectrum of activities in the center become a “show” visible to the surrounding public realm. Flanking masonry walls cradle a glazed facade designed to reveal the iconic bowl-shaped arena within. The expressive bowl stands at the center of the image created for the venue. Concessions facilities provide food and beverage for a range of events from private catered affairs to full concert programs.

Designed to accommodate diverse demands, the Smart Financial Centre can be shaped in a variety of forms. Manipulation of the audience chamber boundaries ensures that patrons never encounter the dreaded “half-empty” show of fixed room venues. In its largest configuration of 6,500 seats, the venue will be the preeminent concert hall in the Houston area. Using deployable walls alongside balconies, which extend down to the orchestra floor, the venue can be reduced to 4,600 seats for smaller shows, rising concert artists, and civic events. Finally, at 2,900 seats, the hall presents an elegant theatrical experience for the patrons of Broadway shows and extravagant holiday spectacles.

Design Architect: Martinez+Johnson Architects

Architect: Studio Red Architects

Project Completion: January 2017

Project Budget: $84,000,000