Cypress Circle Cafe

Houston, Texas

Cypress Circle Cafe was part of the first phase of the Houston Zoo’s 20-year master plan to reconfigure the campus. The redevelopment included experiential zones that highlight wildlife and ecosystems found in Texas and around the world. The Green Restaurant Certified cafe focuses on providing locally sourced, sustainable fares. The goal for the cafe was to transform it into a signature gathering place for visitors while offering delicious and wholesome family meals.

10,000 SF (Servery 5,000 SF; Kitchen 2,000 SF; Indoor seating 2,400 SF; Restrooms 600 SF) also included covered outdoor seating (8,200 SF under existing roof and 2,800 SF under new shaded area).

Architect: Lake|Flato Architects

Project Completion: Late 2018

Project Budget: $5,300,000