Arts Complex & Central Plant - Sam Houston State University

Huntsville, Texas

Completed in 2019, the new 71,000 SF Visual Arts Complex consolidates the art facilities that were previously spread across several buildings on campus. It houses instructional spaces, computer labs, art studios, galleries, and faculty offices. It also features outdoor kilns, welding stations, a foundry, a casting pit, a gas forge, a wood shop, and a metal shop. CEG’s design of the arts and crafts studios incorporates the recommendations of an Industrial Hygienist, and employs displacement supply air and exhaust in these areas to remove all paint and solvent odors.

The project also included an expansion of the East Central Plant providing chilled water and an upgrade to the electrical service, providing power and chilled water to the new building and future buildings on the campus. This expansion included one new 1800 ton water cooled chiller, one new 1800 ton stainless steel cooling tower, and associated chilled water and condenser water pumps.

Overall, the Visual Arts Complex offers a modern and well-equipped space for artistic pursuits, ensuring a conducive environment for creativity and innovation.


Architect: Kirksey

Project Completion: 2019

Project Budget: $27,500,000 for Arts Complex & $7,500,000 for Central Plant