Newton Gresham Library - Sam Houston State University

Huntsville, Texas

The Newton Gresham Library underwent a significant renovation project, investing $12.4 million to enhance its facilities. This renovation marks the largest undertaking since the library’s establishment over 50 years ago. The primary focus of the project was the improvement of the first and second levels, covering a total area of 67,000 SF.

A key objective of the renovation was to integrate the university’s Academic Success Center into the library. This integration allows students to access a wide range of services aimed at supporting their academic journey. These services include tutoring in mathematics and writing, supplemental instruction, peer mentoring, and specialized programs for first-year college students. Additionally, the study areas have been improved, the physical library collections have been reorganized, and new collaborative spaces have been created to facilitate interaction between students and faculty. Overall, the renovation has transformed the facility, providing an enhanced environment for learning, collaboration, and academic support.

Architect: Shepley Bulfinch

Project Completion: September 2021

Project Budget: $12,400,000