University of Houston Quad

Houston, Texas

The Quad is a 385,000 SF traditional residence hall that will accommodate 1,189 students and will enclose five outdoor courtyards. The new building will be named The Quad after the historic Quadrangle residential area that opened in 1950. The units will be in the style of super suites, which will consist of four bedrooms, a large living room, shared bathrooms and a kitchenette. The residence hall will also include a student lounge, multiple laundry facilities, a workout room, and a variety of study spaces distributed throughout the buildings.

There will also be townhouse like housing for about 124 beds, which UH hopes will attract international students. Configured as conjoined three-story walk-up units, each townhouse will accommodate 18 students. Each unit includes single-occupancy bedrooms, several individual and group bathroom facilities, a large living space for relaxing and/or group study, and a full kitchen capable of serving all of the occupants.  Amenities for the new buildings will include free laundry services, Wi-Fi, study rooms, community spaces, fitness rooms, and all included utilities.

Architect:  EYP Architecture & Engineering

Expected Project Completion: Fall of 2020

Project Budget: $124,000,000